Jennie Garret

Homestead Office

About Jennie Garret

My name is Jennie Watson Garret and my partner is Tracey Watson, and together we are the "Garret/Watson Real Estate DREAM TEAM"! We are both natives of Homestead & The Redland area. We grew up here, and I am now raising my own family here, and live only a mile away from the home I was raised in. I have been in Real Estate for over 15 years and have seen many changes in our market! My first home sold in 2002 for only $79,000, and then we saw prices soar into the sky, only to crash hard. We are currently experiencing a very fruitful market again and homes are moving so fast! It can all be a little overwhelming, even if you are well versed in the industry and deal with it every day! That is why you need someone on your side that you can trust, that will be looking out for you and your families best interest. Tracey and I honestly strive to treat each of our customers like family, because we truly do care where you live! I have seen our market at its hardest hit, and feel blessed to be able to see it come back to life. I am happy to say I weathered the storm of short sales & pre-foreclosures and I am now very versed in both. We love what we do, and take pride in having a reputation for INTEGRITY. We serve God, not money- and our goal is to give you the type of customer service during each transaction, that will make you our customers for life. We know as buyers and sellers you need agents that are not only knowledgeable about this ever changing market, but accessible as well. There is nothing more frustrating than constantly getting someone's voicemail!! We promise to be available to you, and give you the time & effort you not only need, but deserve as buyers/sellers in a real estate transaction. So what are you waiting for? Start searching for your dream home with THE GARRET/WATSON DREAM TEAM now.